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Skin Basics Cleansers – soap free and mild   [top]

Skin  Basics Cleansers
  • Gently cleanses and moisturises
  • Leaves the skin feeling silky smooth
  • Suitable for people with sensitive skin due to dermatitis, scaly skin, eczema and sun damaged skin.

The skin’s normal pH balance is 5.5 –6.5, providing a protective barrier against growth of bacteria and fungi (which generally grow in alkaline pH level greater than 7). With the use of soaps, the pH of the skin changes to alkaline pH 9-10. Healthy skin has the ability to change this pH level back to normal within15-30 minutes. However, if the skin has a dermatological condition (e.g.dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis), it takes longer (up to 24 hours) to return to the normal pH level. During this time, the skin condition may be aggravated by bacteria or fungi invasion. Most soaps also contain skin irritants such as perfume, free caustic soda and colour and should be avoided on sensitive and dry skin.

Soap free skin cleansers available:


Skin Basics Moisturisers – gentle, yet moisturising   [top]

Skin Basics Moisturisers
  • Locks in the moisture to ensure the skin does not dry out
  • Re-establishes the skin’s natural moisture barrier
  • Provides treatment and long lasting protection against many causes of dry skin, winter itch, dermatitis, scaly skin, and symptomatic relief of conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

Whatever your skin type might be, moisture is constantly lost from the skin. Moisturisers are essential to prevent the skin from drying out. Oil based moisturisers form a fine film over the skin to prevent the skin’s essential moisture from evaporating. Water based moisturisers adds moisture to the skin. Moisturisers are only temporary and as such, are re-applied when necessary, especially when the skin is exposed to drying conditions such as air-conditioning, central heating, sun or wind.

If you have sensitive skin, avoid moisturisers with perfume and other additives that can cause skin reactions. It is best to use simple formulations.

Gentle moisturisers available:

  • Skin Basics Sorbolene Cream
  • Skin Basics Sorbolene Cream with 10% Glycerine
  • Skin Basics Sorbolene Lotion with 10% Glycerine & Aloe Vera
  • Skin Basics Sorbolene Lotion with 10% Glycerine & Vitamin E


Skin Basics Protectives – protects and prevents   [top]

Skin Basics Protectives
  • Provides a protective barrier against skin irritations
  • Prevents and treats nappy and urinary rash, chafed and tender skin, and mild dermatological conditions such as eczema and dermatitis

Harsh environmental factors can accelerate the evaporation of moisture from the skin causing dryness and irritation. In addition to moisturisers, skin protectives can provide a protective barrier for the skin helping to soothe any irritation and protect from further aggravation or damage.

Skin Protectives available:

  • Skin Basics Zinc & Castor Oil Cream

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